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Speed dial numbers

About speed dial numbers

You can set up two-digit numbers that you can dial instead of full phone numbers or extensions. You can use your speed dial numbers on any of your devices, including your desk phone or mobile phone set up as a One Net Anywhere device.

To make a call, enter # and the speed dial number.

You can also set up your speed dial numbers to dial feature access codes. For example, if you set up speed dial number 01 to be the feature access code for forwarding calls when busy, then you can dial #01 instead of having to remember the right feature access code to use.

Read about feature access codes >

Although # is the default prefix, your system might use a different character or combination of characters. You can confirm which prefix to use by looking in the Kurzwahl row on your Anrufdienste page.

Avoiding conflicting numbers

If you set up speed dial numbers, take care to avoid conflicts with other numbers. For example, #77 might be used as a feature access code in your organisation. One Net Manager lets you set up speed dial number 77 without warning you that there is a conflict. If you then dial #77, the speed dial number takes precedence and you won't be able to use #77 as the feature access code.

Viewing and updating your speed dial numbers

You can view and configure the speed dial list in One Net Manager.

  1. Select Anrufdienste > Kurzwahl > Bearbeiten.

Screenshot showing speed dial numbers

You can also use a feature access code to configure speed dial numbers.

  1. Dial *75.
  2. Enter the two-digit speed dial number, which can be between 00 and 99.
  3. Enter the phone number you want to assign the speed dial code to. You can use digits and the - character. The phone number can begin with 0 or the + character, for example: +49 211-555-1111.

Importing speed dial codes

You can import multiple speed dial codes from a CSV (comma-separated values) file. You can create the file in a text editor.

The CSV file must meet the following criteria:

  • The first line contains the 'Code', 'Number' and 'Description' column headings
  • Each line under the headings contains a speed dial code, a phone number and a description
  • The phone number is maximum 13 digits long
  • The phone number contains only digits 0-9 and the following special characters: -+
  • The description is maximum 25 characters long

An example below shows contents of a CSV file with six contacts and different number formats.

Code, Number, Description
01, 301-555-1231, Jane B Doe
02, 3015551232, Jane M Doe
03, 301 555 1233, Jane W Doe
04, 049 301 555 1234, John B Doe
05, +493015551235, John D Doe
06, +49 301-555-1236, John Y Doe

To import speed dial codes from a CSV file

  1. Select Durchsuchen to find and select a CSV file.
  2. Select Hochladen.

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