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Monitoring other phone lines

About monitoring lines

Some desk phones can monitor the call status of other phone lines, using lights to show if the user is busy on a call. A monitored line on a functional desk phone key is also known as a Busy Lamp Field (BLF).

You can also monitor other phone lines in One Net TAPI by viewing the Extensions section.

Read more about setting up extensions in One Net TAPI >

Your administrator may set up the users to monitor when personalising your phone or you can create or change the list in Anrufdienste.


Phone status privacy

A user who has enabled their phone status privacy must authorise you to monitor their line.

Setting up lines to monitor

  1. Select Anrufdienste > Besetztlampenfeld > Bearbeiten.
  2. If you want the monitored users to be notified when you park a call on their phone, select Benachrichtigung zu geparkten Anrufen aktivieren.
  3. Search for users.

    Any users who have enabled their phone status privacy won't appear in the list of available users unless they have authorised you to monitor their line.

  4. Use the add and remove buttons to select the users you want to monitor.
  5. You can arrange the order of the users to match the lights on your phone using the Nach oben and Nach unten buttons.

Monitoring lines on a desk phone

You can monitor other users' phone lines using lights on your desk phone so you can see whether your colleagues are available to take a call.

Learn how you can use your desk phone to monitor lines >

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