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Vodafone One Net Business

What is One Net TAPI?

One Net TAPI is an application that integrates your PC with your telephony network. One Net TAPI provides a suitable interface for all applications compatible with TAPI. With this efficient solution, you can also monitor and control extensions in your One Net Business service.

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Explore One Net TAPI

Managing extensions

One Net TAPI allows you to manage all extensions in your One Net Business system. You can manage the extensions on three different levels:

  • As a user
  • As a site administrator
  • As an enterprise administrator

Learn how to manage extensions in One Net TAPI >

Managing dialling rules

You can set up rules for processing the numbers before you dial them or changing the way in which the numbers are displayed in the application.

Learn how to manage dialling rules in One Net TAPI >

Monitoring your One Net TAPI connection

The tray monitor allows you to see the status of your One Net TAPI connection and restart the connection, if needed.

Read more about connection statuses in One Net TAPI >

TAPI interface

You can use One Net TAPI with any application that is compatible with the TAPI standard. One Net TAPI supports TAPI functions with versions 2.0 and 2.1.

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