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One Net Business feature access codes

About feature access codes

Feature access codes (FACs) are codes that you can use to:

  • Perform call services from your phone, such as picking up a call and pulling a call from one phone to another
  • Activate or deactivate call services, such as do not disturb and call forwarding
  • Check whether some services are currently active

When you make a change to a setting using a feature access code, the setting is changed in your One Net Business service and applies across all your devices. For example, if you activate withhold caller ID from your desk phone, your caller ID will be withheld on calls you make from any of your devices.

Using feature access codes

You can dial feature access codes from any of your devices, including your One Net Business desk phone or mobile phone, or a device that's set up as a One Net Anywhere device.

Some feature access codes require additional information, such as a phone number to forward to or an extension to pick up a call from. You can enter this information straight after the code or wait for the system to prompt you. If you have to enter a phone number, you can enter the full number or just the extension if the number is within your organisation.


Phone number format

You can use the - character in the phone number. The phone number can begin with 0 or the + character, for example: +49 211-555-1111.


Using international numbers with FACs

If you need to enter an international number after a feature access code, use 00 instead of +.

Some of the feature access code functions may be available as pre-programmed or programmable buttons on your desk phone.

Read about buttons on desk phones >

You can also use your speed dial numbers to store feature access codes.

Read about speed dial numbers >

Feature access codes

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