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Overview of One Net Business

One Net Business offers your organisation an effective and flexible technical platform for internal and external communications. As well as voice calls, One Net Business gives you Unified Communication, with an integration of technologies enabling you to chat (exchange instant messages), make video or conference calls, and share screens or files.

Overview of the components of One Net Business

One Net Business in the cloud

One Net Business is a cloud service so you no longer need the dedicated equipment associated with a conventional company telephone exchange (PBX). Instead, calls and other services are transmitted across your company’s existing broadband connections.

One Net Business uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology and operates on a modular architecture based on common protocols, open interfaces and industry-standard hardware. This architecture is readily scalable, letting your company add or remove users, or activate or deactivate services, as business needs change. As you would expect from a cloud service, you are freed up from technical maintenance. Vodafone takes care of applying software updates, maintaining robust security and providing remote storage.

Applications for integration and mobility

One Net Business works with traditional and mobile networks to seamlessly integrate your voice calls. For example, you can speak with your contacts and callers by using an IP desk phone.

Other One Net Business applications enable you to manage the settings that control how you make or receive calls. They also help you with specific tasks such as sending a fax or a calling number that you find on a web page. One Net Business provides special support for business functions such as receptionists or call centres.

One Net Business applications don’t stand in isolation but integrate with your other applications such as Microsoft® Outlook®.

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Administration of One Net

When your company adopts One Net Business, it appoints employees or service partners as administrators. These people set up and customise services for the organisation, add and manage users, and monitor how the system is used.

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