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Vodafone One Net Business

What is One Net Call Centre?

One Net Call Centre is a web application that you access on your computer. It lets you receive calls to one or more central numbers, which are then automatically distributed to agents. As a supervisor, you can use One Net Call Centre to manage and support agents.

One Net Call Centre tracks information about calls and users. You can create reports, or monitor information in real time.

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Automatically distributed calls

With One Net Call Centre your organisation can receive calls made to one or more central numbers. One Net Call Centre distributes these calls to agents according to your call distribution policy, and allows you to maximise agent productivity while delivering a positive customer experience.


One Net Call Centre includes availability information, so you can see if your agents are available for chats and free to receive automatically distributed calls.

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Call handling features

One Net Call Centre includes call-handling features such as voicemail, queuing and on-hold music. You can transfer calls, make emergency calls and create conference calls.

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Integration with One Net Business

One Net Call Centre is part of the Vodafone One Net Business Unified Communication service. It integrates with products and services such as auto-attendant and One Net Receptionist. You use One Net Manager to configure and maintain your settings.

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