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Rules for call services

When you edit the settings for your call services, some services give you the option to create and activate rules. These rules automatically activate or deactivate a service when certain conditions are met.

The possible conditions vary between services, but a rule typically enables you to decide:

  • The days and times when the rule applies, which is controlled by schedules
  • Whether the rule activates or deactivates the service
  • The types of phone number or the individual phone numbers that trigger the rule

When a rule applies

By default an active rule is in force 24 hours of each day. However, you can restrict when a rule applies by linking it to a time schedule or holiday plan. For example, you might want to create a rule that forwards incoming calls to a different phone extension every Thursday between 11am and 12 noon. You cannot directly add dates or times to a rule. Instead you must link the rule to a 'schedule' and set the dates and times in the schedule.

There are two types of schedule:

  • A time schedule records blocks of hours and minutes during a week. If you apply a time schedule to a rule, the blocks of time apply every week.
  • A holiday plan records one or more whole days of holiday that might apply to one year only or might recur for several years.

You can create or edit personal schedules for linking to rules. You can also link rules to shared site schedules that only administrators can create or edit. You can find the personal and site schedules available to use listed on your Profil page.

Learn about personal time and holiday schedules >

If a rule applies to a phone number, you can enter a complete number, extension, speed dial number or feature access code. You can also enter a partial phone number that includes question marks or asterisks:

  • Use a question mark to replace a single digit anywhere in a phone number. For example, +44 5555 6666?6 or +44 55?5 666??6.
  • Use an asterisk (*) to replace one or several digits but only at the end of a phone number. For example, +44 555* or +44 55?5 6*.

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