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Instant group call groups

What are instant group calls?

An instant group call rings all members of a pre-defined group simultaneously. As each member of the group answers, they are joined into a multi-way conference.

When someone wants to make an instant group call, they dial the number of the group. All members of the group are rung and, as they answer, they can see from the caller ID that it is an instant group call.

Image showing an instant group call

Instant group call groups can be combined with the push to talk service to broadcast a message to a group of users.

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See below to find out how to create a broadcast group.

Managing instant group call groups

Instant group call groups can have up to 20 members. Members can be people in your organisation, both at your site and at other sites, or people who are external to your organisation. Each member can belong to as many groups as required. If you need more than 20 people in a group, you can chain groups together by adding another instant group call group as a member of the group.

An instant group call group can be assigned call services, such as accepting and rejecting selected calls. An administrator can set up these services in the same way as for normal users.

Transferring calls

You can transfer calls to a person, to a call centre queue or to a hunt group. When you transfer a call to someone else, you can check that the person can accept the call before you transfer it, or you can transfer the call directly without talking to them. The call transfer options available depend upon the application that you are using.

Learn more about transferring calls >

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