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Site information and settings


Information for administrators

Using the site dashboard

Administrators can view the One Net Business users and virtual users at a site by using the dashboard screen.

Read about the site dashboard

Service packs and phones numbers

You can view information about the service packs and phone numbers assigned to your site and see how they are assigned.

Read about viewing site information

Site time and holiday schedules

You can set up time and holiday schedules for your site that can be used in rules, such as when auto-attendants should play different greetings. Users can also use them when they set up their own rules, such as accepting or rejecting selected calls.

Read about site time and holiday schedules

Dial plan

You can set up a dial plan to define how a sequence of dialled digits is interpreted.

Read about setting up a dial plan

Forwarding site calls

An administrator can use the forwarding site calls service to forward calls for some or all users at a site to a different phone number at certain times, for example out of business hours.

Read about forwarding site calls

Extensions for external numbers

Your organisation can set up extension numbers for people you contact frequently in other organisations, such as clients, suppliers, partners or subcontractors. These contacts appear in your organisation's phone book and can be called by dialling their virtual extension number rather than their full phone number.

Read about extensions for external numbers

Viewing feature access codes

You can view the feature access codes that are defined for your organisation.

Read about viewing feature access codes

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