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Choosing the right call flow for your organisation

What is call flow?

Call flow is how calls from your customers reach your people. The very simplest flow is just a phone call - the customer calls and you answer. If your organisation is just you, this is all you need, but what if you have more customers and more people?

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Examples of call flows

No two organisations are exactly the same, but here are some typical call flows to help you choose what you need. Don't worry if none of these diagrams show what you want, One Net Business is fully customisable to give you and your customers the call flow you need.

Small organisations, low call volume

This example shows a call flow for a small organisation, where calls are presented, as they arrive, to the receptionist. The receptionist then distributes the calls manually to other people as needed.

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Small to medium organisation, higher call volume

This example shows a call flow for a bigger or busier organisation than the example above. Calls are now too frequent for a single receptionist to answer. You might have more than one receptionist and you want customers calls to be answered promptly even if all your receptionists are busy. You can do this with a call centre, which queues calls and presents them to your receptionists in order of arrival. Customers hear a welcome message and regular comfort messages.

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Medium to large organisation, high call volume

This example shows a call flow for a large or very busy organisation. Calls are too frequent for a team of receptionists to distribute. You might have several teams of people answering specific types of calls, and a receptionist acting as an operator. You can do this with an auto-attendant, which welcomes callers, allows them to choose the team they wish to speak to and then distributes the call automatically to the right destination. You can also use one or more call centres to queue calls for your busiest teams.

Can I have more than one phone number?

Yes. Regardless of the size of your organisation, you can have multiple phone numbers. For example, you could have a direct number for the sales team, or have different phone numbers for different sites.

So which call flow do I want?

You don't have to have any of the call flows shown here, but you could pick the example closest to your organisation and use it as a starting point for setting up your call flow.

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