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Customising One Net Business

One Net Business provides a flexible communications framework that your organisation can customise in many ways to suit its needs. To provide this customisation, your organisation appoints one or more employees, or possibly service partners, as One Net Business administrators. These people activate, set up and manage the services for the organisation overall and for specific groups or individuals. One Net Business software includes One Net Manager, an application that supports administrators in their work.

End users also contribute to customisation by modifying their personal settings for their One Net Business service.

Organisation-wide customisation

Let’s take an example of an organisation-wide customisation of a One Net Business service. An organisation wants any callers to its main phone number to hear a recorded message of options. For example, the message might advise callers to press 2 to speak with someone in accounts or to press 0 to speak with the receptionist. This type of automated call routing is provided by a service called an ‘auto-attendant’.

For this customisation, the One Net Business administrator's task would include these actions:

  • Assigning the main phone number to the auto-attendant
  • Defining the menu of options that assigns actions, such as transferring calls to accounts, to specific phone keys
  • Recording a message that welcomes callers and explains the menu options

Optionally, you could add alternative menus and messages for callers who call outside of office hours or during holidays.

Customisation for a group

Administrators can also set up a service that is limited to a specific group of employees. A group might be a well-established part of the organisation or perhaps a shorter term collection of people for a specific project.

Imagine a sales team that expects to receive a high volume of customer enquiries about a new product that will be launched shortly. The team wants to handle enquiries efficiently but they also want the workload of answering the calls to be shared out evenly. To meet these aims, the team could ask their administrator to set up a service known as a ‘hunt group’. For an administrator in this scenario, the customisation task would include these actions:

  • Assigning the new sales enquiries number to a new hunt group
  • Setting up a list of the team members who will share the calls
  • Selecting the policy that One Net Business uses to decide who will receive the next incoming call

Over time the sales team might ask you to revise the list of names and other settings as the team membership and the call volume change.

Customisation options for end users

Just as administrators use One Net Manager to manage organisation and group services, an end user can use the same application to customise the services used by their desk phone and applications. For example, as a user you could use One Net Manager to make any of these changes:

  • Forward unanswered calls to a colleague
  • Add a personal recorded message that greets callers who are forwarded to your voicemail
  • Reject anonymous calls

You could also use One Net Manager to set up rules that control services automatically depending on times, dates and other factors. In One Net Manager and other One Net Business applications, users can create a personal phone book or a One Net contact list to supplement the contact details in the company-wide phone book.

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