One Net Business administration

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Administrator roles

When your organisation adopts One Net Business, it must appoint one or more people to be administrators. These people are responsible for ensuring that the services are set up and maintained to suit the evolving needs of the organisation overall and the groups and individuals within it.

Two levels of administration

One Net Business allows two levels of administration: enterprise and site. A single enterprise administrator oversees the organisation-wide use of One Net Business. If your organisation is spread across several offices or other locations, Vodafone will typically set up your One Net Business system as a number of 'sites'. A site administrator is assigned to manage the needs of each site. The difference between these two roles is defined by One Net Manager, a web application that provides different views and sets of functions for each type of administrator.

Enterprise administration

When an enterprise administrator logs in to One Net Manager, their default view shows functions available only to enterprise administrators. But they can choose to navigate to a site administrator view or to a user-level view.

The functions available only to an enterprise administrator include options for checking the organisation's use of One Net Business:

  • They can create a report of the current users and the services assigned to them.
  • They can monitor the use of licences by each site.
  • By querying the activity log, they can see the use of services and changes to those services by individuals or sites during a specific period.

An enterprise administrator also has options for setting up and monitoring call centres. For example, an enterprise administrator can create settings that serve as default settings for any call centres added to One Net Business by a site administrator. Also an enterprise administrator can define and run reports that measure the performance of call centres.

Site administration

A site administrator is typically concerned with two main areas of work:

  • Setting up and maintaining services for their site or groups at the site
  • Adding and removing people as One Net Business users and helping these users to manage their personal settings

When a site administrator opens One Net Manager, they initially see options for managing services at a site level. However, they can also navigate to a user-level view where they monitor and manage the settings for an individual user at the site.

  • Maintaining services for their department
  • Assigning One Net Business users to their department and helping these users to manage their personal settings

Assisting other users

If you're designated as an administrator, you will typically be involved in training users and providing them with on-going assistance. You can reduce the time you spend in this support by directing users to relevant articles, videos or e-learning on this One Net Business Information Site. You can use the Share button in any article to quickly send a link to someone. Also, you can encourage users to use the help links that displayed in the One Net Business applications. Each help link takes a user to the section of the Information Site relevant to the application they're using.

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