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Power over Ethernet

What is Power over Ethernet?

Power over Ethernet (PoE) allows you to power your desk or conference phone with a network cable. If your organisation has PoE facilities, you may not need power adapters for some or all of your phones.


Benefits of PoE

Power sockets are often in short supply. Using PoE with your desk or conference phone frees up your power sockets, and ensures your phone isn't unplugged accidentally.

When might I need a power adapter?

PoE is supplied by a LAN switch. If the amount of power you need to run your desk and conference phones exceeds the amount of power your LAN switch provides, you need to use power adapters for some of your phones. To see if your LAN switch can provide enough power, use the table below to add up how much power you need for the phones you have and compare to the power your LAN switch provides.

For information about the power your LAN switch provides, refer to the manufacturer's instructions.

How much power does my phone need?


Maximum power needed /Watts

snom® D715

2.3 W

snom® D725

4.3 W

snom® D765

7 W

Polycom® SoundStation® IP 6000

7 W

Do I need to order power adapters?

Power adapters are not included as standard with desk phones. If you need a power adapter, speak to your One Net Business representative.

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