One Net Business administration

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Step 3 - Service preparation

After the “change freeze” starts, our representative contacts you to confirm the following milestones:

  • Dates and details of the installation, configuration and going live phases
  • Transferring your mobile numbers to One Net Business
  • Delivering One Net equipment to your site

    If you ordered our installation service, you just need to store the equipment for our engineer.

  • If you’re using a Vodafone access line: assessment of the access line stability and the estimated call rate
  • If you ordered our training service: One Net Business training
  • Completion of any additional pre-requisite work

When the milestones are confirmed, we start preparing the One Net Business service for you. We set up your One Net Business sites, users and devices as specified in the configuration template.

Your site administrators receive an email with an invitation to complete the registration process. If you haven’t ordered our installation service, your administrator can plug in and register your One Net Business equipment, as specified in the configuration template

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