One Net Business administration

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Step 4 - Configuration and training

After the service is prepared, you can start your 1-week configuration phase. During this phase, we use placeholder phone numbers to test the configuration before we port your landline numbers to One Net Business.

To make sure your transfer to One Net Business is as smooth as possible, our team will continue looking after you. We oversee any issues you may find during this configuration week.

During the configuration phase we recommend the following:

  1. Your site administrators should inform your users that everyone will receive an invitation email. The email will explain how to complete the registration process and how to log in to One Net Manager for the first time.
  2. Once logged in, each user can start defining what happens to their calls.
  3. All users should check the One Net Information Site for more information on the service, the applications and the features.

Additional configuration

Depending on your needs, you can also ask for additional configuration support. The support can be both remote and on-site.

One Net Business training

You can also book training sessions on your One Net Business service. We provide all trainings at the beginning of this stage to make sure your configuration is fully prepared. Trainings can be remote or on-site.

Our training team contacts you to arrange a suitable date and time for our trainer to visit your site or provide the training session remotely.

Decide whether you want to train all users or just an appointed person, who can later pass on the information to others. Make sure they are available.

Our trainer will note down any issues identified during your One Net training:

  • For simple issues that can be fixed on the training day, our trainer will show you how to deal with them using One Net Manager.
  • For more complex issues that can’t be fixed on the training day, our engineers will address them as soon as possible.

In addition to your site-specific trainings, we’re regularly offering free One Net webinars. These webinars provide you with professional instructions on how to configure and use your One Net Business service.

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