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Working as a call centre agent

What is a call centre agent?

A call centre agent is someone who receives automatically distributed calls from a call centre. For example, it can be a receptionist who answers calls and transfers them to other people as needed or a member of technical support who answers calls from the technical support calls queue.

Answering calls

With One Net Business you can answer calls using your desk phone, mobile, tablet, PC or Mac®. You can answer calls in a number of ways, using different applications.

For example, with the Webex app you can answer calls on your PC or Mac.

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Moving calls

You can move calls in a number of ways, using different applications or devices. For example, you can transfer a call to another contact using your desk phone, or forward calls to voicemail or another person using One Net Receptionist.

As a call centre agent, you can use the #83 feature access code to escalate a call to the next available supervisor if you need assistance with a call.

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Parking calls

If you want to transfer a call to someone who's not likely to be at their desk, you can park the call on their phone. When you've notified the user that they have a call, they can retrieve the call from their phone, or from any other phone by retrieving it with their extension. The service is often used in conjunction with a paging or intercom system to let the person know where the call is parked. You can also use feature access codes to park calls.

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