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Learn about call centres

What is a call centre?

In One Net Business, a call centre is a virtual user that queues calls and distributes them to agents according to the policy you assign to it.

Your organisation might, for example, have a queue for sales calls and a queue for technical support calls. A call centre has one or more phone numbers that customers can call. When customers call one of these numbers, their call is placed in the queue. Calls are presented to agents in the order in which they arrived.

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Why use call centres?

Typically, call centres are used in call flows for medium to large organisations, where agents handle a large volume of calls.

For example, you might have more than one receptionist and you want customers calls to be answered promptly even if all your receptionists are busy. You can do this with a call centre, which queues calls and presents them to your receptionists in order of arrival. Customers hear a welcome message and regular comfort messages.

See the diagram below.

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Call centre editions

Call centres come in two editions: the Call Centre Basic edition and the Call Centre Standard edition. Each edition has a different level of features included. Your organisation can have a mixture of editions, so that each person gets the edition they need for their role.

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Setting up a call centre

A call centre is created and configured by administrators in One Net Manager.

Call centres are assigned phone numbers and perform user actions such as receiving and forwarding calls. They can be assigned call services, such as voicemail, and are managed in a similar way to normal users.

When you set up a call centre, you select policies to determine how calls are distributed to agents and what happens in situations such as out of hours.

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