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Using your own mobile or tablet

Using your own phone or tablet for business purposes is sometimes called Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).

Can I use my own phone or tablet with One Net Business?

Yes. You can use your own device with One Net Business if you:

  • Have a Vodafone SIM card
  • Have an Android™ mobile phone or tablet, iPhone® or an iPad®
  • Work in an organisation that supports BYOD

You can connect your mobile phone or tablet to One Net Business with One Net Mobility. Mobility allows you to make and receive calls with your One Net Business phone number and fully integrate with all your One Net Business services.

What's One Net Mobility?

One Net Mobility is a feature that allows you to fully integrate your personal phone or tablet with One Net Business. If you'd like to use your private mobile phone for work, rather than own a separate business phone, you may want to set it up with One Net Mobility. You can check your One Net Mobility settings in One Net Manager.

One Net Mobility enables your private mobile phone to use your One Net Business phone number and voicemail service. You can make and receive calls on either your mobile or your desk phone, and move calls between the two without the other party being aware of it. You can use all the features you use with your desk phone on your mobile.

Read more about One Net Mobility >

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