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Setting up extensions on a DECT base station


Information for administrators

To use a DECT phone, you must set up an extension for the phone on the web user interface of a base station.

Read about accessing the web user interface of a DECT base station >


Do not register more than one DECT phone to an extension.


Extension numbers must be unique even when they are used on different SIP servers.

To set up an extension on a DECT base station

  1. In the web user interface of your base station, select Extensions.
  2. Select Add extension.
  3. Fill in the information for the extension.

    The following settings are mandatory:

    1. From the Handset list, select a phone.

      The default setting is New Handset.

    2. In the Extension box, enter the extension number.
    3. In the Mailbox Number box, enter the mailbox extension number if a mailbox is set up for the extension.

      Enter the mailbox extension number in the Mailbox Number box and the Mailbox Name box if no mailbox name is set.

      These requirements also apply when the mailbox extension number is the same as the extension number.

    4. In the PIN box, enter a voicemail PIN if it is required to listen to voicemail.
    5. From the Server list, select the server.
  4. Select Save.

After you set up an extension for a DECT phone, you must register the phone to the extension.

Read about registering a DECT phone >

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