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Monitoring contacts

With One Net Receptionist, you can monitor the call status of selected contacts so you can see whether they are available for calls. Your administrator might set up these contacts for you, or you can set them up yourself in One Net Manager. Any changes you make using One Net Manager appear in One Net Receptionist when you next log in.

Learn about setting up contacts to monitor in One Net Manager >

The selected contacts appear in your Favourites directory.

When you're monitoring a contact, their Status button shows their availability for calls. You can see the status of your monitored contacts in your Enterprise, Search and custom directories as well as in Favourites.



Privacy icon

Private - your contact is not available for calls

available for calls icon

Your contact is available for calls

phone ringing icon

Your contact's phone is ringing


Your contact is away

not available for calls

Your contact is on a call or in a meeting

Busy can't chat icon

Your contact does not want to be disturbed

Forward all calls icon

Your contact is forwarding all calls

supervisor offline icon

You aren't monitoring this contact


Tool Tips

If you move the pointer over a contact's status button, you can see more information about the contact's status.

To monitor a contact on a temporary basis

You can also monitor the call status of other contacts on a temporary basis. These contacts appear in your Monitored contacts directory.

You can only monitor regular users, not call centre queues or groups such as a hunt group.

  • From the Enterprise directory, select the Status button for the contact you want to monitor.

There may be a short delay before the Status button changes to show the contact's availability for calls.


Limited number of monitored contacts

Your administrator defines how many contacts you can monitor on a temporary basis. If you select to monitor another contact when you're already monitoring the maximum number, One Net Receptionist will stop monitoring the contact that's been monitored for longest.

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