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Managing calls

Go Integrator allows you to make, answer and transfer calls, and start three-way conference calls.


The Toolbar is a dockable user interface. Thanks to the Toolbar, you can control your telephone set. You have access to basic features and call centre agent features.

Learn more about the Toolbar

Making and answering calls

To answer and make calls, you need to use the One Net app or your desk phone. When you're logged in to Go Integrator, you can also make calls from the:

  • Toolbar
  • Presence window
  • Contact records
  • Content copied to your clipboard

Learn more about making and answering calls in Go Integrator

Transferring calls

Go Integrator supports two types of transfers. You can transfer the call to someone directly (unannounced or blind transfer) or speak to the person first and then transfer the call to them (announced or consulted transfer).

Learn more about transferring calls in Go Integrator

Making conference calls

With Go Integrator, you can set up a three-way conference call by adding another person to an active call.

Learn more about making conference calls in Go Integrator

Logging incoming calls

Go Integrator allows you to log an incoming call and store the call log in the integrated CRM.

Learn more about logging incoming calls in Go Integrator

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