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Sharing your screen or an application


This feature is available only on Mac® and PC.

All participants who want to share their screen must be using a PC or Mac®. When you have started a call or chat, you can share your screen or an application with the other people.


Viewing shared screen on tablets

You need a Mac or PC to share your screen, but you can view someone else's screen with an Android tablet or iPad®

You can pause or stop sharing your screen without ending the call or chat. If you end the call or chat, the screen sharing stops automatically.

Use these icons for sharing your screen or an application:



Start call from desktop

Start video call

Start chat

Open the window with screen-sharing options

Screen sharing controls


Start screen or application sharing

Pause screen or application sharing

Stop screen or application sharing

Select a screen or an application to share

Preview what you're sharing

To share your screen or an application

  1. Select the person or people you want to share your screen or an application with.
  2. Select , or .
  3. Select .
  4. Select a screen or an application.
  5. Select Start sharing to start sharing your screen or the application.
  6. Use the screen sharing controls to:
    • pause, restart or stop sharing
    • select a different screen or application to share
    • preview what you're currently sharing

Adding people to your share

You can add people to your screen or application share by selecting and moving them into the call or chat window.

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