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Chatting in One Net Call Centre

Overview of chatting
Starting a chat
About friends
Adding a friend
Your availability to chat
Availability icons

About chatting

A chat is an exchange of instant messages.

If your organisation has chat enabled, you can exchange instant messages. You can chat with any contact that also has chat enabled. Look for this icon Not friend chat icon next to their name.

Starting a chat

To chat with a contact or friend

  • Select the contact or friend from any tab of Contacts, then select Chat.

About friends

When you add a contact to your friends list, their details appear in the Friends tab of Contacts. You can see each friend's availability to chat, and their status message. Friends also appear in your One Net app friends list.

The friends tab in Call Centre, showing a status message

Adding someone to your friends list

To add a contact to your friends list

  1. Select a contact from any tab of Contacts.
  2. Select chat not friend icon > Yes.

    A friend request is sent to the contact. Until they accept your request, shows next to their name.

About the chat window

You can expand the chat window , add other people to the chat + and start a call from the chat window .

The chat window in Call Centre

About your availability to chat

Your friends can see your availability to chat and your status message.

You can change your availability to chat and add a message for your friends at the top of One Net Call Centre, near your name.

Change your status message in Call Centre

When you change your availability or message in One Net Call Centre, it changes in all your One Net Business applications.

Your availability changes automatically to busy if you are on a call. This change happens in all your One Net Business applications.

Chat availability icons



Available to chat icon

Available to chat

Away from chat icon


Busy can't chat icon


Offline can't chat icon

Not logged on

Not friend chat icon

Contact has the chat feature, but is not in your list of friends

Chat friend request sent icon

Friend request sent

Edit chat status message icon

Edit chat status message

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